Fear – The Faith Definer?

Listening to “No Longer Slaves” today, I imagined myself breaking free from my spot.  Moving to the front, I explained to the crowd that this song had a moving on me.  Moving not only in how I felt, how my spirit was reacting, or how I saw the Spirit touching others.  The moving was an urging or pulling to somewhere else; to somewhere where I wasn’t comfortable before but felt right now.  Is this how Peter and the disciples felt in Matthew 14

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Remember the Emptiness!



Remember the Emptiness!

You may think that this is a weird title for this image.  I did when this thought came across my mind going to the grocery store.  I was listening to a new song from the Passion 2016 conference entitled, “Remember.”

The thought that went through my mind was that the devil can roll the stone back, but he can’t put Christ back in it.  As I thought more of this statement, it made me think of what was in the grave and what was not.

Looking into my own behavior, there are times where we want to be alone and in a dark place.  Times when we succumb to those dark voices in the void that tempt us to be reclusive and fearful.  When hard times come or when those voices come from loved ones, friends, or authorities; we can find the grave a refuge.  It is in those times that we can be beaten down and feel like the stone is blocking our exit.

When the darkness of fear, oppression, and self-pity surrounds us, we have a choice.  We can remain in that grave full of our low self-esteem, pity, and sorrow; or we stand strong in the emptiness of the grave.

In the emptiness, we find hope, we find peace, and we find live.  Our salvation starts on the cross but continues in the empty grave.  Our birth into our new salvation leaves a void that this world tries to fill constantly.  What others see has insane reliance, we see as an Everlasting God.

When we are weak, troubled, and broken; the grave will be there.  Thankfully, in Christ, we will see the emptiness and remember what we have.  What we have is Grace, Hope, and Love through our Saviour.


“Down in the valley, when waters rise
I’m still believing
Hope is alive
All through the struggle and darkest day
I’ll remember the empty grave” – “Remember” – David Crowder, Brett Younker, Solomon Olds, Mattias Franda, Oliver Lundstrom, Johan Asgarde